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Don't Let Mathematics Undermine Your Child's Confidence and Success!
ACE Math provides a unique educational solution for students in grades 4th - 10th.  Our math programs are aligned to support the Hastings-on-Hudson Union Free School District and the New York State Mathematics Standards/Core Curriculum and designed to help make connections with your child and motivate them to succeed using positive reinforcement techniques.
In order for your child to have success it's crucial that a strong relationship is established right from the start with your instructor who will not change during the course.  We strongly believe in positive reinforcement and we use several motivational techniques, math games and award prizes to all students.  We use interactive math programs and games and other computer assisted programs to make learning math fun and interesting.
Our goal is to help our students and your child:
Achieve success,
gain Confidence,
and self-Esteem.
ACE Math believes that all students want to and can achieve success in the right environment.  Sometimes it is necessary to supplement the school day and provide students with a stress free learning environment so they can learn at their own pace. Academic studies have documented that students learn best when they have less stress and receive more attention.  At ACE Math, we use the ACE Learning Process and all students receive individual instruction after they are assessed and evaluated during our initial meeting.  Student progress is monitored and they are rewarded for class activities and progress reported to ACE Math on any of their school quizzes and tests.  
Teaching Philosophy:
  • All students want to and can Achieve success.
  • We help students gain Confidence and self-Esteem using positive reinforcement strategies.
  • Helping others learn requires patience, great communication skills, establishing a personal connection with each student and earning their trust.
  • Because students learn in different ways, various teaching strategies are used including interactive media to help students understand, retain, recall and apply their learning experience.
  • Because math is often portrayed as a boring and complicated subject, student interests are incorporated into the curriculum to motivate their learnings and make math fun.
  • A stress-free learning environment, away from the pressure of daily school life, will help supplement learning and building confidence.
  • Positive reinforcement techniques encourage students to study and learn.
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